1 On 1 Group 3 Day Workshop - October 25-27, 2024


Stephen Koury Workshops

Hello and thanks for the interest in my painting workshops, I love the positive growth environment that these workshops provide. I have intentionally set these up to be a “One on One” painting and learning experience. I work across the table from each student, with a max class size of only 8. The small class size allows me to help each student learn and refine techniques. As the students progress they can now choose subjects and topics, the focus is to learn while reducing frustration. These workshops are for beginners as well as seasoned painters no matter what their medium. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know with an email at hi@skoury.com, or a text at 863-640-0011. I really love helping each of you become better artists and I am looking forward to painting with you!

⏰ Please note: The Workshops start at 10:00am each morning and end at 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Thank you!


Stephen Koury’s Home Studio



These workshops are setup for the beginner all the way through the experienced artist. We work on skills and answer any questions, in fact questions are encouraged! If this is your first Stephen Koury Workshop I will send you a materials list, feel free to buy everything on the list or only the brushes, they are the only items that are required for you to buy, I can provide everything else if you just want to try out the paints. The Workshops start at 10:00am each morning and end at 4:00 pm but feel free to be early and stay a little later. You can leave your painting materials in the studio each night or take them home to work on. When you arrive at my home park your vehicle nose in and head to the Copper gate on the right side (east side) follow the walkway to the studio. Bring your lunch and something to drink, we break at 1:00pm and everyone eats together. The studio has a mini fridge as well as coffee and tea. I look forward to painting with you, if you have any questions please email or text me at skoury@skoury.com, or 863-640-0011